• view through roller shadescontemporary living room in San Antonio TX

Designer Roller Shades & Designer Screen Shades

crafted in salt lake city ut

Chic & Simple. Sleek styling and ease of operation make roller and screen shades popular decisions in window coverings.

  • Contemporary fabrics
  • Low profile design
  • Great for large windows
  • Enhanced view with controlled light

With designer fabrics, you can coordinate the look of your home. And, the range of opacities we offer will determine the solutions they provide in your home. Woven textures, trending colors, favorite patterns–you can enjoy the simplicity of roller shades with modern innovation. 

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Cover Large Windows

The largest windows of your home can bring immense sunshine and landscape views. But, when the light gets to be too much & you’d like some privacy? Roller shades will come to your rescue! The low profile design keeps them from overwhelming the space. Get light control, like reduced glare, UV protection and blocked direct rays. Enhance the view with opacities that allow you to see right through them.

Enjoy Dual Features

Dual shades are a very popular feature. With the capability to enjoy light-filtering with the front shade & room darkening with the secondary blackout shade, dual rollers provide incredible light control. Use them separately or together, with positioning that customizes your home. The shades share the same headrail, making it easy to have them roll up and disappear.

Block the Light

Room darkening is a must-have, especially living in Texas. Get a good night’s sleep, stay asleep longer, nap in the middle of the afternoon, block direct sunshine, or turn your living room into a movie-theater. The room darkening fabrics will deliver darkness, and the custom fit boasts the smallest light gaps in the industry for amazing light blocking as well as complete privacy.