• kitchen sink with window behind it covered by window shade

Silhouette Shades

  • Tilt vanes up OR down with Halo
  • Reduced glare & UV protection
  • Great for covering large windows
  • Experience landscape views
  • Filtered natural light through daylighting

You can have it all with Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades. At Window Fashions of Texas, we know how important it is to protect your San Antonio area home from the intense sun, but also be able to take in the view. From the incredible benefits of light control, to the ability to create the perfect atmosphere, you’ll achieve style, function and ambiance together. Because of reflective sheers, Silhouette shades improve privacy and decrease the temperature swings often caused by direct light. These sheer shades enhance the incoming light while showing off landscape views. The addition of dual shades means you’ll enjoy an even larger range of control from light filtering to room darkening with a secondary roller shade. 

Dual Shades

A whole new range of light control is available with Silhouette Shades. The dual shade option means one headrail houses two window shades. The sheer shade adjusts from view-through to closed vanes, taking the room from soft, filtered light to levels of privacy. But, when you want darkness? The secondary blackout roller shade lowers into place. Block the light, and get total privacy.

Halo Feature

Get ready to see what’s possible with the range of light control from Silhouette Shades. Traditionally, vanes float between sheer fabrics, inviting filtered light, then tilting down to direct the light toward the floor, until the vanes finally close flat. With the Halo feature, those vanes not only do that, but they also tilt UP. This tilting adjustment toward the ceiling allows the natural light to shine in, above your head, illuminating the entire space.

Choose Your View

It’s no secret that Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades are known for inviting a dynamic view of the landscape. Soft and hazy, it becomes the backdrop of your home. But, there’s another option. ClearView sheer fabrics are black. What does this do to the view? It becomes a sharper, more defined version. This crisp view is dramatic and appealing–but it all depends what is just beyond your windows. Which view would you choose?
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Silhouette® Window Shadings