• Lodge inspired home with floor to ceiling windows with soft fabric shades

Skyline® Gliding Window Panels

Simplistic access to your outdoor space, Skyline Gliding window panels offer a contemporary look for your sliding doors and large windows. Offering a list of possibilities:

  • Gliding Panel Design
  • Coverage for Tall, Wide Areas
  • Immediate Privacy
  • UV Protection

Smooth, convenient and stylish, these vertical shades create impeccable function for your home. The extra wide appearance will bring a contemporary feel to your home, take a look. Magnificent!


450+ materials means you’ll be able to style your home with the ideal color to coordinate the entire space. Cover sliders in the same shared space with regular windows, using fabrics that match or pair beautifully together.


Panel track blinds are known for their sideways sliding operation. The track above guides the movement, so they stack one on top of the previous. It’s a great way to extend control over the entire space with low profile form.


An ideal choice for large windows & sliding doors, these window coverings come in two sizes: 11.5″ or 17″. Motorized shades provide adjustments in an instant. These panel track blinds can be used as room dividers.