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Floor to ceiling window treatments for your largest windows.

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    Designer Banded Shades

Window Treatments for Large Windows

While you probably love the dynamic views and flowing natural light, without the right floor to ceiling blinds, you can easily become frustrated. And, you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite parts to experience relief. Our window treatments for large windows allow you to…

  • Enjoy natural light
  • Reduce glare
  • Experience landscape views
  • Maintain privacy

Create the right atmosphere in an instant with remote control blinds, or automated shades. Your hard-to-reach window coverings can even integrate with your smart home devices for voice-controlled adjustments!

Whether you like the look of plantation shutters, window blinds or custom shades, your large windows will be covered in style and function!

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Silhouette® Window Shadings

Exploring Window Treatments for Large Windows

The largest windows of your home are gorgeous, but let’s face it–they let in A LOT of light. It’s one of the reasons window coverings are so heavily researched! You have these stunning windows, a great view and tremendous natural light. But, you want to control the elements. And you deserve to. Let’s go into more detail about your large windows.

The Sizes

Standard window sizes are sometimes quoted as 24″ wide and 36″ tall, but there are a lot of “standard” size windows, depending on whether they are double hung, casement, sidelights…and on and on. Typically, a window that is over 48″ wide or 72″ tall would be considered a large window. Picture windows, floor to ceiling windows and sliding glass doors automatically fall into the large window category. We recently detailed out the sizes available for a number of our window treatments for large windows.

Innovative Features

Not only do the window coverings add incredible function to your large windows, but it’s the features that bring the whole experience together. It could be top down shades that cover the majority of the window, but illuminate the entire space. Or, you could choose smart shades to schedule the adjustments–it’s the effortless control you’ve probably been searching for. Finally, the energy savings you can get for your Texas home will surprise you. Energy efficient window treatments will maintain temperatures and comfort year round.

A Combination of Sizes

What happens if you find yourself trying to outfit a space with small and large windows? Or an open floor plan that has a sliding door in the same space as windows? Many of our collections can cover both small and large windows–in case you’d like everything to match. On the other hand, design elements in the home look amazing when intentionally coordinated. That means you can choose different window treatments in the same space, depending on the needs of your home or lifestyle. Similar fabrics can be chosen with varying operating systems, or you can pair more than one fabric to create a dynamic look.