BlackoutSpecialty Shape Solutions

Enhance the Design. Get the Control You Need.

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    Silhouette® Shades

Arches, Angles & Specialty Shapes

The windows in your home, especially the specialty shapes, can really set it apart. Featuring a custom look, arches & angles make it dynamic. But, what happens when you need solutions?

  • Cover shapes for control
  • Enhance the design
  • Protect your interiors & your comfort

Too much light, harsh UV rays and rising temps can be a problem. What’s even more, your privacy is lacking. It could be that you’re just not sure what’s possible. You might also be hesitant to “cover” these custom windows, sacrificing the look. The good news is that our window covering will cover specialty shapes and add to the look by allowing the architectural design to stand out while giving you the control you need.