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Enhance the Design. Get the Control You Need.

  • gray wood horizontal blinds on bottom portion of window with arched top in San Antonio
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Angled & Arched Window Coverings

Featuring a custom look, specialty shaped windows make it look dynamic. But, what happens when you need solutions?

  • Custom-shaped coverage for control
  • Designer fabrics enhance the look
  • Options available for partial coverage
  • Protect your interiors & your comfort

Too much light, harsh UV rays and rising temps can be a problem. What’s even more, your privacy is lacking. It could be that you’re just not sure what’s possible. You might also be hesitant to “cover” these custom windows, sacrificing the look. The good news is that our angled & arched window coverings will cover specialty shapes and add to the look by allowing the architectural design to stand out, while giving you the control you need.

Questions to Ask about Angled & Arched Window Coverings…

These specialty-shaped windows make a statement. It’s important to work towards a balance of keeping the design aesthetic while protecting your interior atmosphere. Custom window treatments are designed to cover the glass, but save the character.Do the coverings need to adjust, or stay in the covered position?

Some collections of window treatments have options for adjustments, and others are meant to cover and remain in place. The decision often comes down to where the windows are located and how much entering light needs to be controlled.

Which window issues are you solving?

If you’re considering window treatments, you’re inevitably attempting to solve issues of light, privacy, UV rays or energy efficiency. And, it’s important to note which ones are important so we can guide you to the correct collections.

Should you cover the entire shape, or leave part of the window bare?

It’s a personal choice–and it also depends on your home’s issues that you’re trying to solve. Some homeowners like having the “top down” look of covering the majority of the window, but leaving the top portion open. This is often done with an arched window, where the top, curved portion is left bare, while the bottom section is covered.

Do you have a favorite?

If there is a favorite style you love, but you’re not sure if custom shapes are possible, we can help! We have such a wide range of window treatments, with many fabrics and features crossing categories. We can put together a look that will heighten the design of your home beautifully.