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From sliding glass doors to french doors, we can help you pick the ideal window treatments!

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Window Treatments for Doors

Doors can be tricky–which comes first: Style or Function? How about both! We know it can seem overwhelming to the perfect window treatments for glass doors, but we’ve got good news. They are options for every type of door, from entryway & sliding glass, to french doors & patio doors. Discover answers to our clients’ top questions about covering doors in our recent blog post, with information about…

  • Energy efficient options
  • Side-to-side adjustments with verticals
  • Smart control
  • Rotating door coverage
  • Door handle function

We’ll help you cover glass doors for ease & convenience–all while enjoying the style of your home!

More Questions about Covering Glass Doors?

These high traffic areas of your home need solid solutions, and oftentimes, homeowners have so many questions about what might work to cover doors, that they get overwhelmed. Let’s explore some of the most frequently asked questions…

Are there specific types of window treatments for doors?

There are window coverings that are designed to cover the doors of your home, but you’re not limited to just those. For sliding doors, it’s possible to get blinds, shades, shutters and drapery that will open sideways–matching the movement of the door. However, many regular, horizontal shades can be used–depending on the layout of your home. For patio doors and french doors, it’s possible to use almost any window covering types to cover the glass panes. We do have the TrackGlide system, designed to cover glass pane doors with very little framing around the window.

How do you attach window treatments for doors?

For sliders, the window treatments would hang down from the attached area–either mounted on the top trim of the door, or wall-mounted. Vertical blinds, shades and draperies hang from specific types of tracks that allow them to open and close easily. Patio and french door blinds and shades are installed above the window portion of the door, similar to the way they would be attached for a window. The TrackGlide system allows you to attach window coverings without drilling into the door. Instead, these honeycomb shades are guided along a track that adheres to the surface of the frame, right next to the glass, but not on the glass.

What features can you get with door coverings?

Most features that are available with normal window coverings are still available when you are covering doors. Some of the favorites are smart shades, cordless operation, top down bottom up, energy efficiency, dual shades and room darkening.

Should door window treatments match the window shades?

It’s not important that everything “matches,” but coordination is key. Pairing coordinating fabrics will allow you to have the right window treatments for the function of each window or door. You’ll love the resulting look of how everything flows together, but it also creates the best atmosphere in your home.

What can be done about the door handles?

When it comes to the function of your doors, the door handles are a very important consideration. Whether you have knobs or levers, being able to open and close the door with the shades in place is a priority. Door handle cut-outs are popular for this reason. You can also customize the width of the shade so as not to interfere with the handle.

How can a window covering specialist help?

Our window covering specialists have extensive knowledge about what will work, based on door specifics. We will visit your home to help you decide what type of door coverings will work for you, taking professional measurements and identifying obstacles or issues that might be challenging for the installation and future function of your door. Blinds, shades, shutters or drapery–these are all important investments within your home, and our professional window covering designers will guide you through the process smoothly. Reach out to our team with more questions!

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