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The ideal balance of natural light & privacy.

  • dining room with bay window nook covered with woven wood shades
    Provenance® Woven Wood Shade

Daylighting Meets Privacy

Natural light is important to create the right atmosphere in your home. However, privacy and comfort are equally important. What’s the solution?

Top down bottom up shades allow you the ideal balance. Invite natural light across your ceiling for valuable daylighting, as most of your windows remain covered for privacy, light control and energy efficiency. View more ideas for balancing the light in your home here.

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When you love this feature, but you’re hoping for plantation shutters, don’t worry! The split tilt shutter option will allow you to customize the lighting and privacy within your home. Adjust the top portion open, bringing natural light and outdoor views in. The bottom can remain closed for comfortable privacy. See our custom shutters collection for more ways to add timeless style and function to your San Antonio home.

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Provenance® Woven Wood Shades