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Tilt Rods

Streamline Standard Shutter Options

tilt rods on ohair custom interior shutters in San Antonio 78249

Standard Rear Tilt on Streamline Shutters

Bring style and durability to your San Antonio area home at a reasonable price point with our Streamline Shutters collection. Our plantation shutters are traditionally offered with a standard rear tilt rod for a clear view outdoors. A metal linkage is placed on the rear louver edge of a streamline shutter panel, allowing minimal light to seep through when the louvers are closed. Take a look at our Flagship Shutters to enhance light control shutter options…

Flagship Premium

white hardwood plantation shutters with center tilt rod for shutter options in San Antonio 78249

Center Tilt Rod

Commonly referred to as Front Tilt, Center Tilt is the standard tilt rod specifically designed for our wood shutters. A continuous metal linkage is connected to each louver by staples on a single wooden rod which is positioned on the center of the shutter panel. Our center tilt rod plantation shutters option is frequently used for a traditional home design, offering a classic style for any space.

hardwood plantation shutters by Ohair with horizon solo single side tilt rod shutter options in San Antonio 78249

Horizon Solo Single Side Tilt Rod

(Exclusive to Window Fashions of Texas)

If you prefer a contemporary design, an ideal choice would be the Horizon Solo tilt rod, featuring a single, molded tilt rod on one edge of the louvers. The shutter options you select should correlate effortlessly with the design and function of your home. As the shutters are set in place, the side with the tilt rod blocks incoming sunlight more than the opposing side without the tilt rod. However, if you’re seeking a room darkening solution, or don’t like the asymmetrical appearance of a single tilt rod, then the Horizon Dual side tilt rods may be one of the better plantation shutter options for your home.

tilt rods on ohair custom window shutters with horizon dual side tilt rods San Antonio 78249

Horizon Dual Side Tilt Rods

(Exclusive to Window Fashions of Texas)

The side tilt rod is a highly sought-after option for those wanting to achieve a more modern look. The Horizontal Dual Side Tilt Rods allow for an open and unblocked view. There is one tilt rod located on each side of the louvers, offering landscape perspective when the louvers are open. This corresponds well with the contemporary architectural design.

stained brown wood interior shutters Knotty Adler stained shutter options San Antonio 78249

Mirage Solo Single Side Rear Tilt Rod

(Exclusive to Window Fashions of Texas)

A new style of tilt rod has arrived called the Mirage Solo. Although it shares some similarities to the Horizon Solo, this tilt rod is on the back side of the shutter panel. It consists of one tilt rod in the rear, at one edge of the louvers, on the hinged side of the panel. This is a premium substitution to competitor’s aluminum strip up the back of the shutter, as you get a contoured wood rod with the embedded aluminum linkage for strength and support.

It’s a great alternative for those who prefer the rear-tilt option, but when closed, the one side with the tilt rod will cover the light gap, leaving the light gap on the other side more apparent. If you consider this a burden, the Mirage Dual might be the perfect solution with rear-tilt and dual light-blocking, contoured tilt rods. And, it’s only available at Window Fashions of Texas.

interior window shutter options hidden tilt bar exterior view with yellow flowers in San Antonio 78249

Mirage Dual Rear Tilt Rods

(Exclusive to Window Fashions of Texas)

The Mirage Dual Rear Tilt Rods are another modern design option. They are mounted on the back side of your shutters–on both edges of the louvers. This provides a neat and tidy look with no evident tilt-rods on the front of the shutter. The dual tilt rods are formed to mask the gap between the louvers and side-stiles. In doing so it provides privacy when closed. This rear tilt rod option is exclusive to Window Fashions of Texas. And, because of it’s light-blocking feature, it’s superior to the rear tilt systems offered by others. The competitor’s clear view option is just a measly metal rod that lets light in on both sides of the louvers, just like a center tilt rod would.

Premium Design Choices

ohair custom hardwood shutters sandbrushed in San Antonio 78249

Sand-brushed finish

Intensify and elevate the original grain texture. To bring out the natural hardwood grain, we use an exclusive brushing technique. Sand-brushed™ delivers a sleek and soft look, unlike the process of intense sandblasting.

ohair custom wood shutters by knotty adler in San Antonio 78249

Knotty Alder Shutters

For those who desire a gorgeous natural wood-grain look in their home, or even already have Knotty Alder cabinetry, these are the ideal fit. Knotty Alder Shutters accentuate the organic benefits of wood such as knots, swirls, and texture. Learn More.

ohair custom white painted interior shutter options in San Antonio 78249

Painted Wood Shutters

We take pride in the color selection of our painted wood shutters. Whether the paint is customer-picked or custom color-matched, we only use 100% acrylic, high quality, water-based paint. Because of that chemical make-up, the drying process is much quicker than oil-based paints and allows for a long-lasting durability finish to form. This allows the color to stay longer and reduce the chances of yellowing, fading, or chalking. Another benefit of using water-based paint is you avoid the use of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) chemical off-gassing. This means minimal odor and no harmful chemicals in your home. As a company, we appreciate the clean up process of water-based paint. It does not require costly, toxic, and potentially dangerous chemicals, making it more environmentally friendly.

stained brown wood interior shutters Knotty Adler stained shutter options San Antonio 78249

Stained Wood Shutters

Carefully selected to reflect the beauty of smooth, wood grain, our Stained Shutters will add a beautiful finish to your windows. Coordinating the aesthetic of your San Antonio area home is an easy task with our Stained Shutters. They are hand-picked to reflect the sleek elegance of natural wood grain, while complimenting other wood features your home has to offer. To ensure your shutters will look authentic to your home, we specialize in custom color-matching. All of our stains are water-based just like our paints

split tilt shutters in bedroom of San Antonio home

Split Tilt Shutters

Split tilt for plantation shutters is a very popular feature. The Central Texas sunshine is hot & bright, but that doesn’t mean you have to block it out or suffer it. With the split tilt feature, the bottom adjusts closed so you can stay cool and comfortable, while the top can remain open–or adjusted how you like the light to enter. Enjoy daylighting as the sun illuminates the top of your space. Another popular benefit is privacy–the bottom closes to keep your home private, while you’ll still enjoy natural light and views of the treetops.