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Create the ideal atmosphere for bedrooms & media rooms.

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Room Darkening Shades, Blinds & Shutters

Discover darkness. Room darkening window treatments create the perfect environment, no matter what’s happening outside your windows. Whether you love the look of window shades, blinds or shutters, the possibilities are endless. Could the rooms of your home use…

  • Incredible light control
  • A selection of fabrics & finishes
  • Full darkness–or room darkening options
  • Automated adjustments with smart shades
  • Customization for Tilt & Turn windows

Get better sleep, even in the middle of the day. To experience the highest level of light control, combine blackout shades with the motorized blinds feature. It’s darkness with a simple tap.

The innovation continues–Hunter Douglas has introduced a new feature for blackout shades. LightLock® for Duette Shades uses a U-channel to seal your space away from the light of day, or the distractions of random light at night.

duette honeycomb shades showing various levels of opacity and light control

Room Darkening VS Blackout

The fabrics you choose can make all the difference, from the opacity to the specific shades. Room darkening is what homeowners choose when they want most of the light out of the space during the day. The concept of blackout shades means it’s hard to see in front of you with them closed, even when it’s daytime.

room darkening dual shades offering light control

Dual Shades

Dual shades are a favorite feature when it comes to rooms that need room darkening or blackout. You can enjoy the soft glow and view-through of the front window shades, but when you need it, the secondary shades drop into place and provide the darkness you’ve been hoping for.
room darkening duette honeycomb shade detail

Light Gaps

One thing to consider about room darkening is the light gaps–a soft halo of light that can appear along the edges of your blinds or shades. It can happen due to the type of shades, or the depth of your window. Your window covering specialist can help you determine the best choices, including additional features, like LightLock to seal the light out, or side draperies that can block side light.
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Duette® Honeycomb Shades with LightLock™