Window Treatments: We Know How to Childproof

When it comes time to childproof your home, it can seem like just about every object, corner, and piece of furniture needs to have added safety measures. We can help you figure out how to childproof your window treatments. Our team here at Window Fashions of Texas wants to help you make your home the safest it can be for your children. Whether you want safer cords, no cords, or even remote control blinds, we have all the answers!


Eliminate Cords all Together

Cords are the most dangerous part of a window treatment, and they’re also usually the most enticing to kids. With their running imagination, the cord could look like a stethoscope or a dog leash. No matter what your child is imagining, it’s no secret that these cords pose a great danger. 

Removing cords completely will take away your need to worry about where your little one is playing. Shutters are a great way to do this! The louvers allow for a simple way to open and close them, and they look absolutely stunning in every space. 

Shutters in playroom to eliminate blind cords.
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters

Another one of our great cordless options is LiteRise. This system operates by you gently pulling down the shade or pushing it up to raise it. Zero cord, yet so much ease.

Cordless window treatment options at Window Fashions of Texas.
Provenance® Woven Woods with LiteRise® Cordless


Add Motorization

With small children running around, it’s always helpful to add any convenience around the home that you can! You can now even automate your shades. Say hello to schedules that you can work around nap times, adjusting the shades from the couch while feeding the baby, and using simple voice commands to control your window treatments throughout your home. PowerView® motorization is the technology that allows all of this and more! 

Add motorization to your window treatments in your San Antonio, TX home.
Pirouette® window shades with PowerView® Automation

Another way to motorize your solutions is with SoftTouch. This sleek wand is connected by magnets to each window treatment in place of a cord. If the wand is tugged on a little too hard, it will disconnect. That means no more worrying about cords, but also keeping your window treatments safe from damage. 

SoftTouch system features a wand instead of cords.
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades with SoftTouch™ Motorization


How to Childproof While Keeping the Cords

Sometimes there are spaces where a corded system just makes more sense. We get that! We offer two different cord-safe options for kids and pets alike. 

The continuous cord loop attaches to the inside of the window frame so it isn’t freely hanging.

Continuous cord loop, a safe way to have blinds with cords.
Pirouette® Shades with Cord Safety: Continuous Cord Loop

Our other option is a system called UltraGlide. This features a retractable cord so once you’re done adjusting, it returns to a shorter length, keeping it out of reach of curious hands.

Retractable cord, called UltraGlide, on window shades.
Pirouette® Shades with Cord Safety: UltraGlide


How to Childproof: Our Team Wants to Help 

Our team is ready to guide you in how to childproof the window treatments throughout your home. And that’s not all we know! No matter what window solution you need, from childproofing to energy efficiency and more, we have you covered. Contact us today for your FREE consultation.