Help Your Kids Sleep Better…Tonight!

Getting children to sleep…or to sleep better…is a challenge most parents face. Middle of the night wake-ups and early mornings can have you dragging. And, then there’s the kids. Without a good night of sleep, you could see them having a tough time regulating their mood and emotions. Their health can suffer. We’ve come up with an idea to help you get your family back on track, helping your kids sleep better. Just look to your five senses…


Get the Senses Involved

It’s important to note that our five senses can greatly affect our sleep. Everyone is different, and all individuals can respond in their own way to the sleep environment, but if you’re looking to ensure that no rock is left unturned, take a look at these ideas for your family…

An Invigorating Aroma 

Certain smells have a reputation for their ability to induce calm and relaxation. As a parent, you might recognize that many bath washes meant for children are scented with lavender. Additional scents, like rose or chamomile, have similar traits. Use diffusers, lotions or bath salts in the nightly routine to get your child ready for sleep.

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White Noise?

Do you sleep better when it’s silent, or do you enjoy the soft sound of the fan motor? Many parents invest in sound machines to help kids sleep better–especially those that are easily awoken by distracting noises. Certain window treatments do a great job of providing sound absorption. Honeycomb shades, draperies and romans all add layers of fabric at the window, keeping the distractions to a minimum.

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The Bedtime Snack

As adults, we know that some foods can make us sleep better, while others keep us awake at night. Kids are similar–you have to understand which foods affect your child–and what those effects are. Many experts agree that proteins at bedtime can keep children full longer, potentially avoiding them waking up hungry! Keep track of your child’s diet to see which foods might be beneficial to a good night’s sleep.

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How Dark?

The amount of light entering a room can determine when your child falls asleep and how early they wake up. It’s the glimmer of flashing headlights or street lamps that can wake them up during the night. By creating the right amount of darkness, you’ll help your kids sleep better. Room darkening shades are a great way to design the right lighting. But, you also can decide how dark you want it. There are times when the majority of light is blocked, yet the edges have slivers of light entering. Some parents appreciate that small bit of light. Others want it completely blocked. Adding side draperies, or choosing the LightLock system and two ways to blackout the light.

honeycomb shades with side channels to seal out light and heat
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Cozy Comforts

The sense of touch is one more consideration for getting the environment right for a good night of sleep. The right pillow fill and blanket weight can have an impact on the comfort of the space. Bedroom temperatures should be no more than 75 degrees to encourage restful sleep. Energy efficient shades are a great way to maintain a consistent temperature, blocking the heat of the excessive Texas sunshine we get.

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Need to Improve Sleep?

At Window Fashions of Texas, we’ve helped many families achieve the right lighting and energy efficiency for the bedrooms of their homes. If you’d like to see window covering features and fabrics close up, stop into one of showrooms to browse. Connect with a designer for a free consultation at your home by contacting us today!