The Challenge of Living with Pets

Whether a new puppy is in your future or you’re an experienced pet-parent, living with pets takes some patience and sacrifice. Along with unconditional love, you’ll also get paw prints on your freshly washed floors, splashed water at the dog bowl and don’t forget hair everywhere! That is why the pros at Window Fashions of Texas want to show you window coverings that help keep your home clean and safe. Let’s explore which treatments work best…

Easy, Peasy

Pet lovers won’t complain about the extra work that owning a pet entails, but anything “easy clean” is music to their ears. Keeping window treatments like draperies or fabric shades free from dust, dander and dog hair is an uphill battle. Experts choose treatments made of wood or composite rather than fabric. 

white living room shutters in San Antonio TX
Plantation Shutters for Pet Safety & Easy Clean!


Be Pet Safe

Pets and mischief go hand-in-hand, they are always getting into something. Make sure you have a pet-safe home. When living with pets, dangling cords can look like an amusement park to them. Avoid the temptation by selecting cordless shades when making your final decisions. They keep kids safe too!

Hunter Douglas wood blinds on three windows in San Antonio TX bedroom
Parkland® Wood Blinds


Wear & Tear on the Daily

Do you dream of having nice things, but living with pets is your reality? Unless you are willing to give up the joys of (pet) parenthood, then you must find a way to live together in peace and harmony. Keeping your window treatments safe from pets is a good first step. 

your home office sonnette roller shades window fashions of texas
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades


Privacy + View + Light Control

Pets usually have a favorite spot in the home where they spend most of their day. A warm sunbeam seems to attract our furry friends, but can damage our furnishings. Keep your pets warm and happy with flexible treatments that give you what you need as well like privacy, UV protection, light control and a view. 

living with pets in your texas home with Alustra® Architectural Roller Shades
Alustra® Architectural Roller Shades

Don’t forget smart shades as an upgrade. Automation makes it easy to open a shade just a smidge for your puppy and also protects the rest of your home. Adjustments can happen on a schedule or when you want to improve your atmosphere at that very moment. 

Living with Pets is Easy!

A pet-friendly home can benefit everyone who lives there. Get the most out of your window treatments with our help. We can guide you on the process and offer helpful solutions. Get in-touch with our team and mention you’re a pet owner, we can show you the best and most innovative products out there. Whether it’s in the studio or in the comfort of your own home, let’s set a date for a FREE consultation and explore your options.