Tips and Tricks: Clean Blinds, Shades, Shutters, and Drapery

Window treatments. They are unsung heroes of home décor. Without them, a room can feel bare and empty. They have the transformative power that makes a space complete and cozy. However, cleaning window treatments can pose a challenge. We are here to share tips and tricks on how to clean blinds, shades, shutters, and drapery. Let’s get started! 

Always Remember… 

It is crucial to remember to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning your window treatments from a store. For those familiar with the manufacturer, or used to installing the treatments themselves, reading over the booklets or tags that come with them is a smart step. They have great tips and tricks on how to keep them looking pristine. Since each window covering may have a unique and special way of getting clean, adhering to the specific instructions provided is a must.

Cleaning Your Blinds and Shutters

A benefit of cleaning your blinds and shutters is that oftentimes they can be done the same way!

Dust Regularly: Did you know dusting is the cornerstone to maintaining your window treatments? Let’s start with a handheld duster or a trusty microfiber cloth. There are so many ways to clean that there are various window blind cleaning kits available. They are often accompanied by the needed tools to make the process easier. With slats closed, sweep away in a side-to-side motion, then tilt them skyward to clean the opposite side. For the hard-to-reach areas, invest in an extension dusting kit. You won’t regret it! 

Small Spaces: Do you have those small spaces that are tougher to clean than you expected? We recommend going at it with a natural fiber paintbrush or an unused toothbrush to remove dirt from its hiding places.

There are always those spots that are challenging. Always keep in mind the material that you are working with. Whether you have metal, wood, or composite blinds, figuring out the ideal cleaning solutions is imperative to maintain their integrity for a long time. 

white wood shutters over standing tub in master bathroom

Window Shades and Fabric Blinds

Dust accumulation is a common challenge with fabric window coverings. Regular dusting is essential to stop the buildup of dust and to maintain cleanliness. Utilize canned air, vacuum attachments, or microfiber cloths to combat dust. 

  • Canned air offers a gentle, yet efficient, cleaning method. It preserves the shape of fabric shades without spreading dust. Vacuum attachments with adjustable suction settings provide versatility in cleaning fabric window coverings. You can use canned air cleaning with–either a rechargeable dusting tool specifically designed for canned air–or with disposable cans of air. It is your personal preference.
  • A vacuum attachment is a good way to clean your fabric window coverings. Only if you have an upholstery attachment, or you can set your vacuum to a low setting. A great option is this versatile vacuum cleaner. It comes with two different styles of upholstery cleaning tools!
  • Microfiber Cloth, Duster, or Gloves: These three options will help you maintain dust-free fabric window shades. All you have to do is close your window coverings and gently sweep your tool from left to right or vice versa. Remember that intense dust buildup may spread particles across the fabric if you don’t keep up dusting regularly.
  • Spot cleaning may be necessary for stains in concentrated areas. Dampen a sponge with lukewarm water, squeeze it until no water comes out, and gently wipe the affected area. Allow the fabric shades to air dry completely before rehanging or stacking.

Black woven wood shades that are halfway down a window looking out to a cityscape.

Cleaning Draperies and Curtains

Understanding the fabric is crucial for determining the appropriate cleaning method. 

  • Dry cleaning is recommended for delicate materials to prevent shrinking. 
  • Steam cleaning offers a refreshing alternative, effectively removing dust while curtains remain hanging. 
  • Before cleaning, test a small area to check for color bleeding. We recommend selecting an inconspicuous area.
  • Tossing your curtains in the washing machine may be the best method for some window treatments. We recommend always choosing cold water and setting it to a delicate cycle. Immediately after the cycle completes, remove and hang them, or lay them flat to dry.

neutral living room with drapery and shades on window

Combatting Pet Dander

Pet dander and fur can accumulate on drapes, particularly those that touch the floor. Interestingly, some window treatments attract more fur than others. Therefore, regularly vacuuming is recommended. All you have to do is lift the bottom of the treatments to remove excess hair. If you’re in a hurry, you can use a lint roller for a quick cleanup! 

dog on windowsill in dining room in San Antonio TX

Caring for window treatments is an investment in your home’s atmosphere and hygiene. We strongly encourage you to check with the manufacturer or trusted professionals to ensure proper cleaning techniques. At Window Fashions of Texas, we can offer guidance and expertise to help you select and maintain the perfect window treatments for your home. Contact us today for a FREE consultation!