Welcome Color Into Your Home

A neutral base to your home will always be a great foundation. But, what about after? How about adding a little pizazz and some colorful personality? Let’s bring color into your home with some of our professionals’ best tips.

Colorful Furniture

Stand out when you sit down! An exciting (and easy) way to add that saturation punch to your home is with the furniture. What a fun way to incorporate bold hues, like the modern, orange kitchen stools in this scene. Keep the cohesion flowing into the sitting area to complement an open concept.


Painted to Perfection

A fabulous way to transition a traditional office space is with paint. Built-in shelves that are commonly featured in neutral colors will pop instantly with a new paint color. This is also true for cabinets and wardrobes. Because, why not?

Perks of Having Wallpaper

Like mentioned above, cabinets with color can strengthen the allure of a room. Combine that with wallpaper and you’ve got a stunning display of impeccable design. The softness of the floral wallpaper fuses together with the complementary colors, resulting in a tranquil atmosphere.

laundry room with painted cabinets and wallpaper

Window Treatments

Another place that is commonly overlooked for color is window treatments. They do not have to stay in the neutral zone, and it’s a fabulous place to add color into your home.

dark blue fabric drapery panels on black trim windows
Carole Window Treatments

Drapery and roman shades can be featured in bold patterns and rich hues. But, your window treatments can also blend in to make the other design elements in a space stand out, like the Designer Roller Shades seen here. The beauty of the colors, fabrics, paint and wallpaper combine to make a cohesive design that will fit in any home.

bedroom with a pop of color

Ready to Add Color Into Your Home?

We have ideas and solutions for your Texas home. Our friendly and professional team at Window Fashions of Texas wants to add color into your home…yesterday. Contact us today to get that free in-home design consultation we’re always talking about.