Eliminate Blind Cords and Up the Safety in Your Home

Now that fall is in full swing, it’s time to talk all about child safety. If your little ones are in school, they may be learning about safety measures, or practicing different drills. But, it’s also important to practice and utilize safety measures within the home. One of the home hazards that people often forget about are blind cords. They may be scattered throughout your home, or even on every window.  In recent years, scary statistics have come out about the imminent danger these cords pose. 

So Where Does the Danger Come In?

To an adult, blind cords seem to just hang right next to the window and allow us to control how much light is coming in to the room. To a young child however, the options of what those cords can be are limitless! Whether they imagine it as a leash to walk their stuffed animals or a pretty necklace when they’re playing dress up, they don’t realize how unsafe that can be. That’s why it’s best to eliminate the hazard all together!

Blinds with unsafe blind cords in San Antonio home.

Blind cords send two children to the ER every day. If your blinds are a bit outdated, they most likely still have cords dangling down. In December of 2018, the US Government Consumer Product Safety Commission placed regulations on blinds and deemed the cords a big hazard. 

What are Your Options for Ultimate Child Safety?

Within the last few years, there have been so many window treatments created that completely eliminate blind cords.

Cordless Blinds

An easy way to make sure nothing gets tangled up in your blind cords, is to eliminate them!

Children lifting cordless blinds in San Antonio home.

The LiteRise system is so simple and seamless looking. With a simple push up on the bottom bar you can raise them up, using the same bottom bar to pull down.

San Antonio home with motorized shades, important for child safety.

Not only are motorized shades a huge convenience, they also eliminate the danger of blind cords! 

Plantation shutters are another stunning way to add cordless window treatments to your home. They also add another layer of safety, by being built into your window frame, even with the windows open, children won’t be able to hang out of it!

Plantation shutters have no blind cords so they are extra safe for young children.

Window Coverings with Safer Blind Cords

Some trickier windows may pose a few limitations on which window treatments you can put there, but child safety still always takes precedence. We do offer some options with safer blind cords that eliminate the danger for children. “Cord safe” options are great options for windows behind furniture and that are higher and out of reach of children.

Soft Touch uses a lightweight wand at the top that offers ease of use and motorized control, while still being safe!

Soft touch blinds from Window Fashions of Texas are a great no blind cords choice.

To raise the blinds up or down simply tap the wand up or pull down slightly to see your blinds move in the direction you wish. So simple, yet so safe! Another safety feature of Soft Touch is that if a child pulls too hard, the wand will disengage because it is held together by strong magnets.

Continuous cord loops offer another safe blind cords option. We can fasten them into place with a cord tensioner so you never have to worry about them coming loose! They operate so easily and there is no danger with these cords.

Continuous cord loops eliminate dangerous blind cords in San Antonio.

UltraGlide provides another safe option for blind cords to keep child safety as the most important factor. It features a retractable cord–no matter if you’re raising or lowering your blinds, the cord stays really short. 

Retractable cords on blinds are pertinent for child safety.

We’ll Help You Get Started!

Changing out all of your window treatments may seem like a bit of a daunting task, especially since your children’s safety is in play. Our team at Window Fashions of Texas wants to help prioritize safety and transform your San Antonio home. Stop by and visit our showroom to see all of these wonderful safe blind cords options in person. Or contact us today to schedule your FREE in-home consultation!