The Pantone Palette 2023: BIG Color!

Everything’s BIG in Texas! And at this year’s New York Fashion Week, the runway was filled to the brim with Texas-size color. The Color Institute’s Pantone Palette 2023 has the clothing industry buzzing about the bold Top 10 choices! And, because fashion influences home decor, the team at Window Fashions of Texas is paying attention. We could all use a bit more color in our lives. 

Meet the BIG Colors…

What do we mean by BIG colors? Vibrant, bold, zesty-those bright colors that will make a statement in your home. Don’t worry, there’s no rule saying you must use them all together in one space. It may be enough to accent your home with just a pop of color! Choose striking hues from the swatches below, and join in on the fun. 

top 10 pantone palette 2023

Now, if you’re a person who likes to be a bit more subtle, the “Core Classics” below were spun up with you in mind. The Palette of 5 swatches offers a new twist on neutrals, not as common as what we are accustomed to, but serving the same purpose. This may be the perfect evolution of color for your reimagined home style.

2023 core classics

The Influencer is Color

You may have seen a few clips of Fashion Week’s newest clothing trends…over the top, right? The styles are meant to inspire the industry. By the time they make their way to Main Street America, they aren’t quite as bold. Same with the colors of the Pantone Palette 2023. The stunning photos below show how new color influences home design, at varying levels of intensity. It’s all about what you’re comfortable with.

The Main Bedroom

At the end of the day, it’s your bedroom–have fun with it! And if a neutral color from the “Core Classics” is your way of unwinding–go for it! But if you’re ready to start the year off with a “fashion forward” personalization, check out the color scheme of this main bedroom’s closet. The bold pink couch is awe-inspiring and magazine-worthy. Another reason to give the Pantone Palette 2023 a try. 

pink closet

closet pink oantone palette2023

The Living Room

In addition, there are no rules when it comes to living room decor either. Households have become a bit more care-free. No room has a defined purpose or expected style any longer. The rich color choice of this living room sets it apart from the rest of the home, as if it were dipped in the owner’s favorite shade of green. Be intentional when making design choices for your home.  

pantone palette monocramatic

mid century living room

The Entryway

Often overlooked, the front entryway is the perfect place to set the tone for the entire home. Some of our ambitious clients change the color of their front door often as trends dictate. Say “hello” to guests with a vibrant color from the Pantone Palette 2023. Which one will you choose?

entry way in orange

The Kitchen

Do you remember the colorful kitchens of the 50s, 60s & 70s? In Texas, we love that color is making a comeback in our favorite room in the home. Clients have grown tired of neutral kitchen colors, it’s time to liven it up and make prepping dinner a more uplifting experience. The kitchen below does just that. 

lime kitchen

gray, green, brown swatches

The Bathroom

In the meantime, take a look at this designer bath. A five-star hotel would have trouble keeping up with this amount of bling! Today, ordinary people can have designer looking homes with the right choices in decor. This year’s Pantone Palette 2023 sets the framework for making bold decisions in your home. The mosaic tile brings this room from ordinary to contemporary.  

red tile wall feature 2023 pantone palette

red gray bathroom tile in pantone palette 2023

Ready for BIG Texas Color?

Refreshing a home takes a lot of thought and decision making. At Window Fashions of Texas our designers are up on the latest trends in products, color and style! The Pantone Palette 2023 has inspired the window fashions industry as well and we can’t wait to guide you in the process of incorporating color into your home. Let’s meet at the showroom or right at your home to discuss your needs and comfort level. There’s more to window treatments than just covering windows. Come in for a FREE Consultation.