Buying Window Treatments: Top 4 Considerations

The style, comfort and overall look of your home is largely influenced by the window coverings you choose. No pressure, right?! We know how overwhelming this process can seem if you’re trying to do it on your own. That’s why we’d like to help you get started the right way. We’ve got tips for buying window treatments that will help as you embark on this all-important investment in your home.


#1 Know the Look You Love

By narrowing down the categories of window coverings you prefer, you’ll be starting off in a better position. It’s important to identify if you are interested in hard or soft treatments. Wood, metal or vinyl coverings, like Shutters & Blind, fall into the hard category. For soft, think draperies & window shades, made from fabrics, woven fibers or other pliable materials.

fabrics for roller shades in San Antonio


#2 Identify the Reasons

This seems simple enough: Why do you need window coverings? But, it’s important to take it further than that. Going room-by-room to identify the reasons you need coverings will help you choose the right ones for each space. When buying window treatments, you could be searching for a variety of solutions, such as…

  • Privacy
  • Glare control
  • Room darkening
  • Energy efficiency
  • Glass door solutions
  • Hard-to-reach windows


#3 Evaluate Window Direction

Have you ever stopped to think about how the position of the sun affects various windows and rooms in your home? From rising in the East, to setting in the West, different parts of your home may receive a variety of light across the day. Some windows getting 12 hours of rays. Knowing which rooms are affected–and the kind of light they receive–is an important factor when buying window treatments. Visit the “reasons” list above and consider spots where energy efficiency, room darkening or glare control can improve the comfort of your home.

before window coverings on glare filled home


#4 Consider Your Budget

Prices are rising everywhere, across all markets, products and services. This fact has made budgeting so important for consumers. Window coverings are a solid investment in the comfort and protection of your home. But, we understand how budgets work, as well. Our advice when buying window treatments? Do your homework on brands, products and warranties. The company you work with should have an established, quality reputation. The specialist you work with should be an expert on the products and features you want most. That way, once you receive your quote, they can help you make changes and tweaks to the order to get the best value.


Buying Window Treatments? Stop On By…

Our window treatment showroom is the perfect place to start when you are considering new window coverings. You’ll be able to see and feel products and fabrics up close. You can use the operating systems to find your favorites. And, our helpful staff is happy to answer questions and give advice for this important purchase.

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After you visit, schedule your home consultation, where you’ll meet one-on-one with a window covering specialist that can go room-by-room with you, measuring and identifying priorities. Get in touch with our team for your FREE consultation. You’ll be glad you did!