Smart Home to Work and Play

Technology has pushed its way to the front of the line with how we operate in our homes. Whether you’re working or playing, you’re home. Parties, board meetings, and grocery shopping–much of it is virtual. With all that going on, has your home adapted? Are you utilizing the correct smart home features that can help you out?

Setting the Scene

What does your daily atmosphere look like? Are all the kids home doing remote learning while everyone else is working from home? With more people home it may create more obstacles to fight for space that is free of distractions. The afternoon sun can cause heavy glare near large windows. Since it stays darker longer in the morning there may be need for additional light. Are you able to fix these issues?

kitchen sheer shades
Nantucket™ Window Shades with PowerView® Automation

We’ve got the solution for you and your family. Smart shades are the key! Every room in your house can have the proper atmosphere you desire in an instant. All the hustle and bustle can be controlled and created into a calming environment.

Smart Home to Fit Your Schedule

Whether you consider yourself an “A type” personality or not, we all benefit from schedules. Having a routine keeps us in check and on track.

smart home san antonio
iPad control of smart shades with the PowerView® app

Automated window treatments can be programmed to help with that routine. Raising automatically, as the sun rises, they can help start your day. When it’s time to get some rest for the big day ahead, they can automatically let you know when to get ready for bed by gently closing.

Your Custom Scenes

The benefits of what we refer to as “custom scenes” is vast. You can pre-set one room or even one window to rise and fall when you want it to. Not every window–or even each room–has to follow the others. The custom scenes are completely controlled by you! They are designed to create the absolute best experience for your home.

sun room pirouette shades
Pirouette® Window Shades

Are you wanting to keep your home nice and cozy by letting the morning sun warm up each room, helping to reduce that pesky energy bill? Then have your energy efficient shades come down to trap that heat to keep your home just at the temperature you want? You can keep the smart shades in their lowered position as long as it stays at a comfortable temperature. Better yet, integrate your shade adjustments to occur when your smart thermostat tells them to!

smart home window fashions of texas
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades

Have you taken your four-legged family members into consideration? Create a “Pet Mode” that allows one sun-soaked-spot for afternoon naps without interfering with the other windows.

Keep it Compatible

From relationships to smart home device operations, compatibility is important. Since we have become so dependent on home technology, it’s important to know if smart shades would be compatible with the rest of your home.

smart shades san antonio
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

The answer is YES with our automated window treatments. Siri? Alexa? Google? Whichever device you use, integration happens seamlessly with our smart shades. That means, voice control will quickly become your favorite way to open and close the window treatments. And, the PowerView® app takes just a tap to make adjustments.

Smart Shades, Smart Move

The past year has been full of so many difficult changes. It’s nice to know your home can be simplified. Since we’re already utilizing technology to make our lives easier, why not continue the ease with smart shades. At Window Fashions of Texas we want to help with this transition. Contact us today for a free design consultation.