Living Room Design Advice

Everyone loves to know the key to a successful design, right? Today’s focus is on living room design. Let’s get down to business and learn what makes a living room truly inviting. The pros at Window Fashions of Texas are here with design ideas and window covering features that will create the right living room atmosphere for the whole family to enjoy. Let’s begin…

Concept 1: The Furniture

Is new living room furniture in the cards this year? If so, make sure you measure your space before heading to the furniture store. The couch you choose should be the largest piece, and from there, add two accent chairs. Make sure the style you choose is proportionate to the room size. Arrange the furniture in a configuration that allows for comfortable conversation.

woven woods in living room design in houston tx
Provenance® Woven Woods

Concept 2: The Area Rug

As you wait for your furniture to be delivered, consider the area rug. The rug’s size will make all the difference in bringing the room together. Be sure the furniture can hold a place on it, or at least, the front section of each piece. Another decision is the material the rug is made of. Consider your family dynamic–are there children in the home? Will they use the floor to play games or complete puzzles? In other words, choose wisely. A jute rug may look very stylish, but isn’t too comfortable.

floor to ceiling shades next to leather lounger and large potted tree in San Antonio, TX
Silhouette® Shades

Concept 3: The Lighting

As experts in the field of home decor, we can’t stress enough how important lighting is for your living room design. To complete a multi-functional space that the whole family will enjoy, requires more than one lighting source. A warm, comfortable atmosphere includes layers of lighting. For starters, recessed lighting helps brighten the overall room, but don’t stop there. Add accent lights such as floor lamps, table lamps or even sconces. Give life to a dark corner with a pop of light or illuminate artwork on the wall. Each source will add dimension. You get the idea!

french doors with honeycomb shades in open floor plan home in san antonio, tx
Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Concept 4: Window Treatments for Living Rooms

Elevate your living room design with window treatments. There are a number of incredible styles and amazing features to consider. Beautiful drapes can frame your windows and bring height to the room. Continue to transform your space by layering draperies with other shades, just as interior designers do. This method brings extra warmth and comfort to your space.

layered fabrics with roman shades and draperies in San Antonio
Custom Draperies & Fabric Roman Shades

In addition, identifying which window covering solutions are needed for your living room is very important. Now’s the time to incorporate any added protection you may need into your design. Common window solutions include features to reduce glare, filter light or add privacy.

Duette® Honeycomb Shades

The living room of your home–being a beautiful spot for entertaining or relaxing–deserves a solution that can bring the right balance of light + privacy. Many homeowners love split tilt shutters for exactly this reason. Entering light illuminates the room, while the bottom half can be adjusted closed for privacy–or to keep direct light out of eyes and off screens.

living room open floor plan plantation shutters San Antonio TX
Wood Shutters

Do you plan on watching movies in this newly renovated space? May we suggest dual shades? These shades offer a range of control. During the day they provide soft, filtered light with a view to the outdoors, but when it’s time to watch a movie, darkness falls. Just drop the secondary blackout roller shade into place, and wait for the movie to begin.

dual shades work well in houston living room designs

Ready to refresh your living room design? We can create a living room space fit for the whole family to enjoy by following these simple ideas. A multi-purpose room that feels warm, comfortable and perfectly styled is in your future. Get in touch with us today for your FREE in-home consultation. We can show you how window treatments complete the look of your living room design.