Peach Fuzz: Color of the Year 2024

We have been waiting, not so patiently, for this announcement! The color of the year 2024 is Peach Fuzz. The Pantone Color Institute picked this soft and gentle hue that we can’t wait to incorporate into your homes.


Get Inspired

Everyone has their own taste. And if biting into this specific juicy Peach Fuzz color isn’t your style, that’s fine. However, it’s all in how you look to pull inspiration from. We found variations of the peach family and think you’ll love at least one.



Peach cabinetry brings a retro vibe to your kitchen. The exact vibe that is in style and sweeping the home design world. 

peach fuzz cabinetry retro kitchen


It’s easy to incorporate the color of the year 2024 on a smaller scale like these rose-colored copper globes. They are chic, functional, and right on trend. The highlight of the chairs and wall in the distance pull the whole look together.

rose gold globes in dining room

Wall to Wall

Don’t settle on Peach Fuzz alone, bring all the hues with this fun ombre wall. It creates depth, a focal point, and a heavy dash of sophistication.

peach ombre wall in bedroom

Window Coverings

Turns out the Color of the Year 2024 is perfect for window coverings. The soft peachy hue creates tranquility while providing incredible solutions. It has a gentle hint of color that exudes playfulness but not overpowering the space. It’s an ideal color for your space.

peach window coverings top down bottom up

Make it Your Own: Color of the Year 2024

Peach Fuzz is stirring up a lot of emotion and opinions across the globe. What are your thoughts on the color? Think you’ll transform a whole room, add some accents, or just keep it for someone else? We can help select window coverings in any color for your home. Peach Fuzz or not, Window Fashions of Texas want to find what’s right for you. Contact us for your free in-home design consultation today.