The Road to an Organized Home

The road to an organized home can be a windy one. Everyday life can present roadblocks, and it’s difficult to know which direction to go when trying to get ahead of the mess. This year, we have the roadmap you’ll need to stay on course. Follow these 5 rules and arrive at your destination: An organized home.

5 Rules to an Organized Home

# 1 Remove EVERYTHING from the space. Absolutely everything. 

# 2 Commit to throwing things away that are broken or expired. It’s ok to donate unwanted items in good condition. 

# 3 Sort items into groups–including a group for things that don’t belong in that space. 

# 4 Reduce the number of items by using baskets or containers and group them as one. Then, add them back into the space.

# 5 Tackle one closet/room/area at a time. 

Let’s apply these rules to some of the problem areas of our home. 

Starting Point: Closet

A closet is a great place to start your journey to a more organized home. Begin by emptying the closet completely, taking time to marvel at the STUFF you fit in there in the first place. Next, sort, pare down and group like items. Adding back things in groups will help you find them quickly in the future. Baskets and bins will help keep it all together.

closets in an organized home

Main Street Entryway

By “entryway” we mean the entrance the family uses, not the place where guests are greeted. Chances are, you keep that spot nice and tidy. This “entryway” is the Main Street of your home, where people are in and out all day, moving fast, always late, dropping things, grabbing things…you know the place. This area will always find chaos but we can help make it organized chaos.

mudroom in an organized home in san antonio
Here’s how. Implement a new family mantra of “everything in its place.” Once the family is accustomed to this way of thinking, everything else falls into place, literally. Make it easy for them by providing the right tools; install hooks for coats and backpacks, baskets and bins for other necessary daily items. Your “Main Street” should only be filled with things the family uses daily, if you aren’t using it regularly put it somewhere else. Fact: Unnecessary items create most of the clutter in our home. So, remember our new mantra, “everything in its place.”               

Next Exit: The Toy Room 

If you think about it, there’s really no alternate route. Without a toy room, you’d have toys strewn all over the house (well, maybe you still do, but that’s not the point…) Here’s the thing: The mess seems like it will last forever, but we are here to tell you–it won’t. In the meantime, use the 5 rules to an organized home to help you deal with the stress of the mess. And, just for the caregivers out there, we have a secret rule. If there’s a toy set that you’re tired of picking up day after day, hour after hour, take it from us: Donate it, Toss it or Hide it. Remove the toy–the kids will hardly notice, and if you decide to bring it back, they will be over the moon to see it again!

organized home in your playroom

Accelerate Productivity

So, if your final destination is a more organized home, you’ll need increased productivity to get there faster. Keeping up with the 5 rules is challenging. The best way to achieve success is by creating the right working atmosphere. Removing the clutter will help clear your mind and the proper window shades will improve your mood. Sunlight is known to increase energy, but too much, may be exhausting. Window treatments will help you strike the right balance and elevate the atmosphere. 

2023 Window Treatment trends in San Antonio bedroom
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In the end, our window treatment designers can evaluate your Central Texas home for the ultimate efficiency. Window treatments are multi-functional these days and are a necessary addition to an organized home. We would love the chance to work with you to create the ideal balance of light, privacy and energy efficiency. Get in touch today for a FREE consultation