Layer Window Treatments: Spring Into Style

Springtime feels like the ideal time for a home refresh. At the windows, you can create a new vibe in your space when you layer window treatments. If you’d like to try this style statement, let us make it easy on you by explaining the process. We’ll simplify the decisions by walking you through each part, detailing out the how and why.

It All Starts with Function.

You’re dressing your windows, so you’ve got to start with your needs for light control and privacy first. The first layer on blinds, shades or shutters will do much of the heavy lifting when it comes to solving common issues. Now, they’ll absolutely lend themselves to the overall style, but you’ve got to meet the needs of the room first.

gray lined banded roller shades San antonio TX

Next, you’ll choose the type of drapery panels. You’ll have to think function here to start, as well. Side drapery panels often stay in place, framing the window. They can help close off any slight light gaps on the sides. Full drapery panels bring another layer of coverage to the windows. Capable of meeting, to close off the window, this increases your options for control.

drapery panels help layer window treatments San antonio TX

Have Fun with Fabrics.

One of the most exciting parts of decorating your home is choosing the fabrics. This is also true when you layer window treatments. They help you personalize and soften the space. Not sure where to start? We’ve got some questions for you to consider…

Do you love patterns, solids, or a balance of both?

Is your color palette neutral, bold, or somewhere in between?

Would you like the space to feel casual, or formal?

fabric samples for custom window treatments in your san antonio TX home

Small Details…Big Results

It may seem as though you have made all the decisions you need, but don’t forget about the finishing touches! Before you’re done, you’ll choose hardware, header style and drapery length. Choosing your hardware is a large part of the design as you layer window treatments. Will you match existing design elements in your home? Or, do you want to make a statement with gold accents or black matte finishes?

french doors with blush drapery panels san antonio TX

That leads us to the next part of design. Choosing the header style means, how will your drapery panels be finished at the top. Rod pocket is a traditional way to hang drapes. It can also feel more casual than other styles, depending on the fabric. Grommets are a very popular choice, with a formal finish, coordinating metallic grommets to the drapery hardware. The final style we’ll mention has gained in popularity, due to its ability to create a dramatic look in any room. Pinch pleat refers to fabrics gathered and sewn a certain way, typically hung with ring clips from the rod.

living room with blue draperies to layer window treatments with roller shades San antonio TX

Lastly, the length of your drapery panels will determine the overall look of the room. The top two most chosen ways are to have your panels meet the floor in neat fashion. The other is to have them fall with a couple extra inches, causing a break in the fabric, often referred to as “puddling.” Which look do you like best?

We Can Help You Layer Window Treatments!

Bringing a new design statement into your home is exciting, and now is the time for that room refresh you’ve been wanting to do. At Window Fashions of Texas, we would love to chat with you about your home and your upcoming projects! We’ll offer advice and inspiration during your FREE consultation. Get in touch today!