Healthy Homes: We’re In This Together

Due to recent circumstances, we’ve all been spending much more time at home. We know this hasn’t been an ideal situation, and it certainly comes with challenges. Regardless of whether or not you agree with how things are being handled, we’re in this together. Because it’s our mission to improve your home, we want to know…What can we do to help? How about ideas to help you plan how to make your home an even better place to be?

Keeping Your Home Healthy

There are four ways–at the top of our list–to create a healthy and happy home.

1. Establish Comfort
2. Follow a Schedule
3. Let in the Sunshine
4. Assess Your Space

Do you have any projects you’ve been putting off? What about all those items on your ‘to do’ list you’ve been saving for a rainy day? The day may not be rainy, but the time is now! You don’t have to get to everything right away, but it’ll be a nice break for you mentally. We want to come up with some ideas to establish comfort because we’re in this together.

Establish Comfort

It’s your home, so you should be comfortable. One way is to ensure each room has what it needs. The bedrooms of your home work best with room darkening window treatments that allow you a good night of sleep.

bedroom room darkening window treatments

How about your bathroom…do you have privacy to fit your needs? The living room is a great area to assess. Is there seating for the whole family? And, we can’t forget about working from home. Adults and children have both been challenged to do their daily work in an entirely different setting. What’s needed to set your family up for success?

Follow A Schedule

The best thing about schedules are–they create an order of feeling “normal.” Being able to predict and break up the day into blocks can help it go faster because you’ll be more productive. One way to keep your day on track is with Smart Shades. If you don’t currently have them, this may seem surprising, but we promise they do their job!

child bedroom green walls in this together window treatments of texas

As your motorized shades open to reveal the morning sun’s warmth, you’ll instantly feel more energized and ready to start the day. When the sun is about to go down, it’s nice to have your shades shut to signal to the household it’s time to start the wind down for bed.

Let in the Sunshine

The sun and fresh air have been proven to increase your mood and health. Try letting in more of the outside in! We have solutions for the best options for outdoor access.

patio doors for entrance san antonio window treatments of texas in this together

The feeling of the sun on your skin is wonderful, but we know there’s certain areas in your home that may need some help filtering all of that sunshine. If you have bare windows, you probably know just what we’re talking about.

kitchen without window treatments in this together window fashions of texas

Afternoon sun can create some major heat, making the room uncomfortable. There’s also the issue of the neighbors seeing what you’re doing all day.

kitchen gray walls with window treatments san antonio texas

With window shades that create a more peaceful and soft environment, you can enjoy the room without all the issues. Temperature can be better suited for your needs, and privacy is maintained.

Assess Your Space

Take a look around your space and evaluate solutions. By determining what each room needs it can help help narrow down the list of priorities:
Privacy from the Street Level
Improved Sleep
Child Safety
Energy Efficiency
Large Window Problems

No Matter How You Squeeze It, We’re in This Together

kitchen windowsill lemons neutral color scheme in this together window fashions of texas san antonio

The world is a little crazy right now, but we want you to know Window Fashions of Texas has your back. We’re in this together and want to provide any help we can. Let’s make the best of this situation and plan some projects for the future. Contact our team for a free consultation.