Holiday Gatherings: A New Way to Host

After seeing time off, holiday gatherings are finally upon us again! Whether you’re a seasoned host/hostess or this is your first year opening up your home for loved ones this holiday season, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks that will make hosting easier on you and comfortable for everyone.


Space for Conversation

While much of the gathering is usually centered around the dining table, kitchen, or family room, having a space for smaller conversations can be a thoughtful way to help people catch up on a more personal level.

Side drapery panels in sitting area San Antonio, TX
Design Studio® Drapery Panels

Adding a small seating area to a corner of your home is a great way to do this! That way family and friends who may only see each other once or twice a year will have the space to converse away from the big crowd if they desire.


A Year for New Traditions

Typically, large family dinners are a great way to come together this season. However, if busy schedules are an obstacle, there are a few different ways we love to host holiday gatherings too. A dinner is great! But when that isn’t working or you want something on a smaller scale, check out these ways to switch up your next seasonal party…

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A Holiday Brunch: Dinner time is often one of the busiest times of day for people this time of year. That’s why we’re loving the idea of bringing in family and friends for a brunch instead!

Open Door: Hosting in an “open house” type style allows all your loved ones to come and go as their schedule allows. Not only does this help everyone pop by, but it also helps on the hosting end! You’re more likely to be able to visit with everyone more since guests will be filtering in rather than everyone being there at once.

Split the Responsibilities: Find a cohost! Splitting up the hosting responsibilities (cooking, cleaning, planning, etc.) with another person will allow you to be more at ease prior to, and during, the event. Plus, it can be fun to work together with someone you love!

Switch up the Setting: It’s no secret the past couple years have gotten us used to dining outside. Being outdoors, especially at this cooler time of the year in San Antonio, can be so good for the soul! Consider taking your holiday gatherings out into the backyard.

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Outdoor Screen Shades

Focus on the Atmosphere

The holiday season often brings upon feelings of nostalgia, comfort, and joy for all those involved. Incorporating the right elements into your home can be a great way to help your guests feel welcome and comfortable right as they step into your home. Natural light plays a huge role in the way you create your desired atmosphere.

Dining room with floor to ceiling pirouette shades
Pirouette® Window Shading

Whether your space needs help with light control, temperature regulation, glare reduction, privacy, or something else completely, our team can help you in finding the right window treatments for you. To add even more convenience, and not take you away from your guests, smart shades are a great way to go! You and your guests will be grateful that no one has to face the blinding sun or sit in the hot seat while eating and conversing.


Preparing for Holiday Gatherings

When it comes to preparing for holiday gatherings, we want to help! We know there is a lot of prep work that goes into opening your home to loved ones, that’s why we’re here to help with the style and design portion. Window treatments will help you elevate your space to hosting ready in a snap. Contact us today for your FREE consultation.