Energy Saving Shades: Before & After Results

Don’t dismiss the importance of protecting the interior of your home from the sun, especially in San Antonio! There are so many things to think about when maintaining a home, it’s easy to forget the need to shield our homes from the sun. Let’s discover how energy saving shades can help with personal comfort and energy bills. Check out these before and after results!

Take a Look at Energy Savings…

It’s never been easier to evaluate our home’s energy efficiency. With the advancement in modern technology, we can get a scientific view on how energy efficient shades can work for our homes. Illustrated by color, the photo below shows green, blue and purple representing the well-insulated areas of this house. On the contrary, the red spots, act as a warning sign that energy (heat, in this case) is making its way through your home.

exterior whole house effects of bare windows in san antonio home

Here’s another illustration. The two windows below are shown side by side–identical. The window on the left is uncovered and remains unprotected from the Texas sun. The green window on the right has been outfitted with energy saving shades–can you see what a difference a shade can make! 

two windows with energy saving shades in San antonio

Time to Look Inside…

We’ve learned how the unforgiving Texas sun can enter your home by way of the exterior. But, how does that affect the interior of our home? Heat sneaking in can cause your family discomfort in some areas of the house. Is your home too warm at times? Are you living with bare windows that allow way too much sun in? Are your current window treatments part of the problem and not part of the solution? Let us change that!

Full view of living room with bare windows energy savings shades in San antonio home

Here’s another example. These windows above, although spectacular to look at, can turn problematic very quickly. One minute you’re enjoying the view and the next minute you can’t take the heat! We offer many window solutions for problems such as this one. Anything from cellular shades that can stop heat immediately, to layers of fabric to help keep the interior temperature perfect. It’s up to you which style you choose, but these are some of our favorites…

sonnette cellular shades in living room San Antonio, TX home
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades


neutral shades increase light in living room
Duette® Shades with Duolite®


energy efficient roman shades with top down feature in San Antonio TX
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades


You Need Energy Efficiency…

At Window Fashions of Texas, we understand how the sun can sometimes become a burden–it can affect our comfort and our energy use. With summer just a few months away, now is a great time to contact our team. Together we can evaluate your home, show you where improvements can be made and add to the comfort of your home. Discover our energy efficient page for a full list of products available and schedule a FREE Design Consultation today!