Pet Friendly Window Coverings: How to Choose

Hello, pet lovers! Your lovable, snuggly, cute furry family can also become a source of frustration when you have to deal with messes and mischief. We know that window treatments can become a problem. But, we’re here to help. We’ve got tips for the best pet friendly window coverings so your whole family can exist happily together!

Keeping Things Clean

Let’s start with an important topic: Cleanliness. When pets are involved, so are their fur, mouthes and dirty paws. The first thing we like to identify is the areas where your pets frequent the most. Many times, we can help you narrow down the windows and doors that are at risk.

plantation shutters are pet friendly window coverings in San Antonio TX
O’Hair Wood Shutters

Then, we can offer pet friendly window coverings that will meet your needs. One easy clean option is shutters! With the ability to wipe off, these window treatments win for coverage and durability, too!


Active Paws

For pets that can’t stop pacing, jumping or climbing, it’s a good idea to determine which windows are involved. Putting paws on the window sills can lead to damage. With active pets, keeping window treatments out of their way might be the best option. But, it doesn’t have to mean bare windows. Maintain coverage for most of the window, with the shades lowered–just out of reach. And, you can always lower shades for the night, ensuring privacy, adjusting the view open during the day.

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Designer Banded Shades

We strongly recommend going cordless with pets in the home. Whether intentionally playing with cords, or just a haphazard accident, tangled pets can get badly injured. When we say pet friendly, we also mean pet safe!


Calming Anxiety 

Some pets have anxiety, especially when left home alone. Every movement outside triggers pacing, whining and barking. For pets who experience anxiety, they do better without a clear view of the outdoors. They need to feel closed in and cuddled up.

Pet safe shades Hunter Douglas San Antonio 78249
Pirouette® Shades

Closing off the outside world to keep your pet calm doesn’t mean you have to feel the same. Because most cases of anxiety occur when the humans are not at home, it’s easy to create the safe space they need. Automated shades are a perfect way to tailor the atmosphere to meet your pet’s needs. And, when you walk through the door after work, a voice command can instantly open your shades for your favorite position.


Meeting Everyone’s Needs

Being part of a family means that everyone’s needs should be considered. If your pet loves to nap in the sunshine, but you want the hot, Texas sun stopped before it heats up your home, we can help! With the right energy efficient window treatments, you all can exist in harmony.

smart home technology for automated window treatments in San Antonio texas
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades

Raise up the shades just enough to give your pet the “hot spot” they love, and cover the rest of the windows and doors to keep it cool.

Choosing Pet Friendly Window Coverings

If you’ve been waiting to get window treatments because you’re not sure what will work fro your entire family, it’s time to bring on the pros! Our team, at Window Fashions of Texas, is here to guide you to solutions that will maintain the right atmosphere for everyone–even the furry members of the family. Contact us for your FREE consultation.