Make Your Home Thrive In The New Year

New Year’s resolutions often fall short a few months into the year. Whether it’s by accident or not, trying to better ourselves can be a hard thing to do. One of the best ways to ensure personal success is by surrounding yourself with the right environment. And, with the start of a new decade, now more than ever, it’s the best time to make your home thrive in the new year.

Get the Rest You Deserve

Getting a good night’s sleep can sometimes feel like more of a hassle than anything else. With a million things to worry about, it can be hard to shut your brain off when it’s finally time to rest. And if that wasn’t enough of a problem, pesky street lamps and outside lights can make getting to sleep even harder.

very dark child's bedroom with room darkening shades in san antonio
Applause® Honeycomb Shades

Lucky for you, we have the solutions you need. Try our room darkening shades and blackout blinds. With instant darkening fabrics and light-blocking framing, your bedroom will be perfect for when you’re ready for your well-deserved rest.

Keep Your Privacy

Nothing is quite as terrible as feeling like you don’t have privacy in your own home. While windows are a great way to add mood-enhancing natural light in your home, without the proper window coverings, they’re also a great way for people to get a view into your home and life.

energy efficient top down shades

Take back your privacy with top down shades. Have the best of both worlds by being able to shut out the world from viewing your home, while still being able to have natural lighting. And, with automated shades, feeling secure when you’re far from home is easy with a push of a button.

A Step Towards Green

With record-breaking heatwaves and warming temperatures all over the world, it’s become increasingly important to try to reduce our carbon footprint. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your comfort in order to achieve that.

modern folding roman shades on floor to ceiling glass windows

Your San Antonio area home is a pro at battling the Texas heat. But with thermal window treatments, it can now do so in an energy-efficient way. With thermal window treatments, you’ll be able to make your home thrive in the new year by stopping the common “up to 40% energy loss” that comes with windows.

Start Today

Here at Window Fashions of Texas, we’re ready to help you make your home thrive in the new year. We’re excited to get you on the right track to better sleep, more privacy, and a comfortable life. Get started today and contact us for your free in-home consultation.