The Top Interior Design Styles of Today

Interior design styles are always changing. By looking at its evolution, we can see how social, cultural, and technological influences have impacted how we decorate our homes today. While the look and feel of each decade varies, there is always one thing that each one has in common–reflecting one’s personal style. Now, let’s cover the five latest trends in interior design. These include Coastal, Mid-Century Modern, Wabi Sabi, Modern Farmhouse, and Japandi. Your individual style may not fit into one of these trends. That is perfectly okay! You may find bits and pieces of each one that you would like to incorporate into your home. Let’s get started…


Coastal style evokes a serene environment by incorporating soft blue and white colors. It draws inspiration from the natural beauty of sea and beach landscapes. Natural materials are key in coastal decor, featuring pieces made of wood, grasses, sand, and stone commonly found along the coast.

A coastal living room with light colors and ocean elements

The furniture is typically comfortable traditional and plush. Slip-covered couches, woven baskets, and linen fabrics enhance the light and airy feel of the decor. The best part is, you don’t have to live by the ocean to embrace this style.


Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern has made a massive comeback due to its timeless feel and functionality. While it was originally popular in the 60s and 70s, homeowners gravitate towards the unique shapes, wood grain finishes, and fun elements that can play into their living spaces today.

A modern dining room with a dark green accent wall, midcentry design elements.

This style often incorporates fun pops of color. You may see bold hues like mustard, pink, and chartreuse instead of the traditional shades. Patterns are common with this style as they infuse personality into the design. This is typically done through fabrics, rugs, and wallpaper. When Mid-Century Modern first came to be, there was a love for ceiling details and unique furnishings, including ceilings with beams or wood paneling. Lastly, low-profile furniture pieces with angular designs are also a key feature. Due to their size, they can easily fit this furniture style into those tough-to-fill areas.


Wabi Sabi

The idea of the Wabi Sabi interior design style is that it embraces the beauty found in imperfection. It emphasizes a monochromatic color palette and showcases a connection to the natural world.

A neutral, natural looking dining room with minimal decor and an emphasis on natural tones

Natural materials like wood and stone create an original atmosphere that is charming, comfortable, and sophisticated. While many interior design styles make a bold statement in one way or another, Wabi Sabi’s style is authentic and humble.


Modern Farmhouse

When you see homes today, there is a chance that the homeowners have adopted a Modern Farmhouse style. With its ease of decorating, it has become one of the top interior design styles. it effortlessly marries the charm of farmhouse style with contemporary touches. Furthermore, the soft color palette helps create a homey, inviting space.

A modern foyer with white board and batten walls, a little bench above a circular mirror.

A benefit to Modern Farmhouse is that it is easy to customize to your wants and needs. Design pieces include distressed wood and metal furnishings. When it comes to the walls, board and batten and shiplap are prevalent in homes with this style.



Japandi is an ideal combination of Japanese interiors and Scandinavian functionality. It openly embraces minimalism. While it focuses on creating spaces that allow families to live comfortably in their daily routines, it can easily transition to a calming environment for entertaining friends.

A modern kitchen with soft colors and modern elements

This style integrates the Scandinavian color palette of whites with subtle hues of greens and blues. Clear surfaces and practical furniture are designed to create a sense of easy living to enhance comfort daily.


Finding Window Treatments for Each Style

After exploring our list of top interior design styles, you may have your favorite picked out. However, you may be unsure which window treatments go with your style. Our team at Window Fashions of Texas is here to help you by picking options that bring your vision to life.

A neutral kitchen with soft colors and a minimalist design

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